A Color Story

Professional colorists?

Color as a strategic asset…a secret weapon…a marketing tool?

It's not a pigment of your imagination. Our color magic is real. Artful inspiration is our business. We work with home builders, marketers and architects to make streetscapes and communities livable and memorable—from coast to coast.

It's smart. It's strategic. It's inspirational. Color is profitable.

It's what we do best—because we're architects, interior designers and marketing strategists too.

What They're Saying

“When we presented our vision for the interior of Indulge, Eric got it right away. His choices of color, furnishings, finish materials and artwork give Indulge exactly the feel we asked for - sophisticated yet comfortable elegance. And the key elements we told the Mandil team we had to have, we got - fire pits and couches on the patio, televisions behind the mirrors in the bathrooms and a mural of a French wine label on the ceiling.”

Delinda Romero, Co-owner of Indulge Wine Bar